Our Relocation Services

When you are needing to move to a new area, there is a lot to think about. And you need someone in your corner who not only knows the area entirely, but also knows all the ins and outs of what you are going through.

Karen has been on the Relocation Teams for Chamness Relocation and Windermere Relocation. She and Aaron have helped dozens of people successfully relocate to King County and the Eastside. Our goal is to not only settle into your home, but also the community.

Although each relocation is unique, here is an overview of what you can expect:

Area Tours – When you are relocating, it isn’t just about finding the right home. It is about finding the right area for your recreation needs, the right school fit, and a comfortable drive to work. It takes time to learn a new area, but if you are available, we will tour you around and provide you with an overview of areas that might fit your criteria. It is difficult to glean all the information you need online and we would be thrilled to be your boots on the ground.

Detailed Information – Once the areas are narrowed down, we will provide you with more detailed information on schools, travel times based on where you will be working, recreation, health clubs, trails, and additional resources based on your interests and concerns. From there we can help you fine-tune!

Find A Home – Once your area and criteria are narrowed down, then it is time to get to work finding the right place to call home. We are aware that you might need to shop from the comfort of your computer, hundreds of miles away, but we will do whatever it takes to get the information you need. From Facetime, additional photographs and videos, floor plans, and more, we know what it takes to make a decision and we will work with the seller and provide it.

Relocating out of the area? We can help you with that too!

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